Credit repair master Mark Clayborne’s 6-part interview covers all the elements of building a successful business using the techniques that took him to the top of the industry!

The Perfect Training for Credit Industry Beginners

Have you recently joined the credit repair industry and want to lay the foundation for long-term prosperity?

Mark Clayborne has helped hundreds of people just like you go from beginners to thriving credit repair business owners using a wide range of tips, and step by step procedures.

Now, this candid interview provides an in-depth look at the essential aspects to starting, growing and expanding a credit repair company.

Over 5 Hours of Credit Repair Business Insights

From setting up your business to attracting customers to mastering the art of credit disputes, this interview is a step-by-step guide to making it in the world of credit repair.

Part 1: Compliance and Regulation

Learn the laws that regulate the credit repair industry as well as how to properly market, advertise or promote your services in your state.

● Compliance

● Credit Repair Organization Act

● State Credit Repair Service Laws

● Surety Bonds

● Credit Repair Contracts

Part 2: Marketing and Client Service

Understand CROA disclosures and state requirements for serving customers and how having a website can optimize your marketing.

● CROA Contracts

● Terms & Conditions

● Online Marketing

● Website Optimization

Part 3: Promoting Your Services

Learn to get the most out of your marketing budget using various platforms and innovative methods that will drive your growth.

● Free Online Marketing

● Paid Marketing

● Offline Marketing

Part 4: Efficient Lead Generation

Discover how to advertise your brand to generate qualified leads and how to effectively make a sale.

● Online Advertising

● Referral Sources

● Seminars

● Affiliate Marketing

● Email Marketing

● Closing Sales

Part 5: The Sales Funnel

Create an effective sales pitch to bring clients in, then learn to nurture relationships to upsell and maximize revenues.

● Qualifying Customers

● Building a Sales Funnel

● Upselling Services

● Building Your Credibility

● Pricing Strategies

Part 6: Credit Disputing

Mark explains how to use dispute letters, as well as advanced credit disputing techniques to best serve your clients.

● Anatomy of a Dispute Letter

● Credit Dispute Methods

● Dispute Software Review

● Credit Repair Learning Center

Take Your Credit Repair Business to the Next Level

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The course consist of the audio and transcript of all the available videos.

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