Dispute letters serve as an advocate for your legal rights. By including bold legal terms that bind credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors alike to a powerful set of laws, the letters are an excellent backup plan to basic letters that fail to remove inaccurate information from your credit report.

There is no 100% guarantee that these letters will get the job done, but it’s worth the effort making the furnishers (creditors, credit bureaus, collectors) know you are well aware of the laws put in place to protect you and your customers. It will also let them know that necessary actions would be taken if your rightful request is not granted.

Crafted by a reputable and trusted credit repair company with years of industry experience, our dispute letters are fundamentally different than standard, conventional letters. The advanced dispute letters will surely serve a great purpose in your library alongside your standard letters to help you dispute more efficiently for your clients.

What’s Included in The Training Course?

20 Advanced Dispute Letters you can use for disputing

Our Advanced Dispute Blowout System Video [1hr 4m 22s]

Our List of 20 Advanced Dispute Letters:

1. Inaccurate Late Reporting Challenge Dispute Letter

2. Seven Step Demand Verification Dispute Letter

3. Error Removal from Reports

4. Response Reminders

5. Outdated Information Removal

6. Corrected Credit Report Demand

7.  Inaccurate Information Removal - Second Request

8. Trade Line Verification Request from Creditors.

9.  Inquiry Removal Letter

10.Dispute and Remove Inquiry

11.  Bankruptcy Removal

12.  Incorrect Address and Personal Information Removal

13.  Advanced Dispute Letter

14.  Bureau Non-Responses

15.  Error Removal Demands

16.  Collector Disputes

17.  Original Creditor Validation Letter to Bureaus

18.  Bureau Inquiry Removal

19.  Verification Requests

20.  Direct Creditor Disputes

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