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Everybody had to go through the excruciating process of learning how to properly handle disputes, and let me tell you, it’s not fun, it’s not efficient, and it’s definitely not something anyone would like to go through again.

With the Private Dispute Letter Club Replay…

  • Access ALL 30 sessions of the exclusive private club meeting
  • Free 4-Part Dispute Letter Training Series
  • Download all resources shared during the meetings
  • You will learn where you can get the best disputing letters
  • How to write in order to increase your chances of success in removing inaccurate information
  • Get information as well as personal advice from industry professionals that have been through the disputing process thousands of times!

Here Are Some Of The Topics We Have Covered:

  • The Dispute Process
  • Understanding The Credit Report Deeply
  • Understanding The Law That Regulates The Credit Repair Industry
  • Understanding The Law That Regulates The Bureaus
  • Understanding The Law That Regulates Debt Collectors
  • Understanding How To Work With Regulatory Organizations
  • Understanding What Should Really Go Into A Dispute Letter
  • Working With Your Clients For Success
  • Disputing With Creditors Directly
  • Disputing With Collectors Directly

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