Client Dispute Manager Software, credit master Mark Clayborne and 7 powerful speakers will teach you everything you need to know about disputing inaccurate information in this Online Dispute Experts Summit!


Are you a credit business owner, manager, or agent that wants to take your client service to the next level? Are you working on your own credit and can’t seem to get any results?

Mark Clayborne, the leader in online disputes, has created this online Dispute Expert Summit to specifically teach you all the legal ways that have helped him, his clients get success with removing inaccurate information from their credit reports.
With seven guest speakers that are specialists in disputing inaccurate information with credit bureaus, you will receive step-by-step guidance in effectively preparing and executing a dispute.


During this Event, you will learn the most important lessons in disputing inaccurate accounts for a wide range of situations.

1. Break down a credit report to prepare for disputing. By properly assessing the credit report, you easily prepare for a successful dispute, without risking any further damage to your client’s score.
2. Various factual ways to dispute inaccurate items. You will learn all the ways in which disputes are possible, such as inaccurate reporting of bankruptcies, charge off’s, repossessions, late payments, and more.
3. Best practices when it comes to disputing with creditors. You will learn the best methods in working with credit bureaus, lenders, and attorneys to understand your rights, as well as ensuring a timely and effective dispute.
4. The ins and outs of using outsourcing to efficiently dispute. Sometimes, you can save time, money, and effort for your business by working with third-parties that can assist you in the dispute process.
5. Dealing with debt collectors and their cunning tactics. By understanding the rights of clients and learning the methods that collection agencies use to pressure them, you can counter the agencies in order to dispute information.
6. The 14 powerful ways on how to counter respond to credit bureau updates. To remove inaccurate information from any credit report, these key instructions on responding to the bureaus will make the process incredibly easy.
7. How to find Fair Credit Reporting Act violations. Credit Bureaus violated your rights or your customer's rights, and you do not know where to turn. Well, look no further because you will learn how to pinpoint Fair Credit Reporting Act violations and what to do when you see them.
8. Expert roundtable panel discussion and Q&A session. Receive direct access to our group of experts, hearing their own personal advice while having the chance to ask any questions you may have.

The Speakers and Their Topics

Break Down A Credit Report to Prepare For Disputing

Instructor:Kenya Mays

Kenya unravels the tangled systems, operations, and strategies in your business. She has a simplistic approach to keeping things in order. Her extensive knowledge of procedures, workflows, and systems allows her to help businesses create systems and automate their operation. Her company, Kenya Mays Consulting, is the headquarters for this service.

The Student Loan System: Step by Step Blueprint

Instructor: Ebony Dubois

Ebony DuBois is a lead instructor, credit business strategist, and coach who has mentored over 40 companies within the last four years using a hybrid of compliance-based and factual dispute methods for the best results. He is also a disabled U.S. army vet of over a decade of service as the finance non-commissioned officer responsible for training 900 soldiers per quarter over three years to read a credit report, and for explaining how to combat unethical business practices legally.

What to Do When You Find FCRA Violations

Instructor: Subhan Tariq

Subhan Tariq, Esq. regularly handles complex commercial litigation, with particular experience in consumer finance litigation in individual and class action cases in the areas of federal and state consumer protection laws. Mr. Tariq has successfully helped thousands of consumers exercise their rights against large institutional banks, debt collectors, and consumer reporting agencies.

The In’s and Outs Of Using Outsourcing to Efficiently Dispute

Instructor: Royce Wheeler

Royce Wheeler is the owner of Wealthcare University located in Saint Petersburg, Fl. He is a tax preparer and board-certified credit consultant specializing in outsourcing, debt validation, and boosting credit scores. Over the last seven years, Royce has helped multiple customers get into homes, and has helped thousands to gain financial freedom and credit leverage. He has become known in the community as “St. Pete Credit King” and also assists in building portfolios and small business startups.

Dealing with Debt Collectors and Their Cunning Tactics

Instructor: Brian L. Ponder

Brian L. Ponder, Esq. is a trial attorney, author, and consumer advocate who helps consumers with real estate foreclosure defense, credit, and debt issues. Attorney Ponder has a passion for helping the needy by donating time, money, food, and clothing, and by seeking justice for all those let down by the government. He also enjoys cycling, motorcycling, trap shooting, and scuba diving.

Various Factual Ways to Dispute Inaccurate Items

Instructor: Essie Banes

Essie already owned her own Tax and Bookkeeping & Accounting company and figured to implement a way to help consumers with their credit . During her journey, she noticed that a lot of other Credit companies where struggling trying to process disputes, marketing and keeping client retention, some were working 9-5 and she could totally relate to the struggle. That is when she extended her expertise into outsourcing in 2017. Outsourcing became her passion. She was the Authority behind companies that helped their clients. Together the credit experts and Essie were able to continue getting people where they needed to be to purchase that new home, a new vehicle or just stop those collection calls. It also helps credit companies reach that next level in their business.

Best Practices When It Comes to Disputing with Creditors

Instructor: Ron Gibson

Ron Gibson is the founder and owner of DECS We Kill Debt LLC and Debt Solution Services LLC. In his decades-long experience working with people throughout the country, Ron has personally reviewed over 10,000 consumer credit files and removed nearly 1 million derogatory accounts. His mission is to provide consumers with a second chance at attaining excellent credit. Known throughout the industry as "The Debt Eliminator," "The Dispute Master," and "The Credit Score King," Ron is extremely passionate about giving back to the community. His Debt Elimination program combines his mastery of credit laws, the way they are interpreted by the credit bureaus, and real-life strategies for consumers who are searching for practical guidance.

The 14 Powerful Ways on How to Counter Respond to Credit Bureau Updates

Instructor: Mark Clayborne

Mark Clayborne is a dispute and credit expert, entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author of the book Hidden Credit Repair Secrets. Throughout his career he has worked with diverse individuals to make their credit goals achievable. He owns MC Credit Solution LLC, a credit business. Mark discovered his skill set and passion for this field from practical experiences. Honing these skills over the years, he has helped numerous clients achieve financial stability by providing them with practical solutions to help them become credit worthy once again. He finds his career to be incredibly rewarding as he is continuously presented with the opportunity to work with various kinds of clients and leverage his knowledge to assist them.

Why You Need The Online Dispute Summit 2021


  • Provide exceptional service to your clients, effectively disputing their inaccurate accounts to assist with improving their credit scores.
  • Save yourself time and effort during the dispute process, optimizing the efficiency of your business.
  • Learn to understand how bureaus and collection agencies act during the dispute cycle, so you can always stay ahead of them.
  • Become knowledgeable in all things credit disputing, which will help you improve all elements of your report.
  • Get industry-insider tips from specialists that have grown their own businesses to extraordinary heights.


This Dispute Expert Summit provides amazing value that will boost your business for years to come.

As a credit business owner, your business can only grow as fast as your expertise.

That is why Mark Clayborne has developed this Dispute expert summit: to teach you all the skills necessary to dispute on behalf of your clients and yourself. Each time you complete a successful dispute, you prove to your clients that they can trust you to help them improve their credit situation. 

The result? A better customer experience and lots more referral business. Plus, since we are teaching you how to save time and money during the dispute process, you have more time to focus on finding new clients and expanding your company!

Get the Replay and Become a Credit Dispute Boss Now.

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