As a credit repair company, you have the necessary skills and experience to work miracles-- repairing credit in even the most hopeless of causes. To deliver the results your clients need, you must keep up with all the latest technologies and best practices. However, visiting conferences, finding reputable podcasts, and attracting new clients can be a full-time job. With our Super Ultimate Growth Bundle, you’ll receive 10 products to help you with marketing and lead generation so you can take your credit repair business to the next level. 

Credit Repair Marketing Event 2020 Replay

Learn how to build your credit repair brand across the internet, while crafting strategic offers customers can’t resist.

Facebook Automated Lead Capture System

Use Facebook videos and lead capture forms to nurture leads and make your business stand out while using social media to target potential clients.

Big Affiliate Package

Understand the secret of working with the right affiliate partners who can bring endless leads for years to come.

Roadmap to Six Figures 2019

Lead generation experts share powerful lead generation and marketing secrets to help you take your business to the next level.

Facebook Business Optimization Blueprint

Optimize and grow your Facebook page to bring in new leads and get found by potential clients. 

Lead Generation Email Nurturing Campaign

Learn to successfully run your own Lead Generation Campaign with email templates and best practices. 

Advanced Dispute Letter System

Add 20 advanced dispute letters to your arsenal for ridding your clients’ credit reports of inaccurate information.  

Secret 5-Hour Interview

Listen as credit repair master Mark Clayborne provides an in-depth look at the essential aspects to starting, growing, and expanding a credit repair company.

Credit Repair Business Mastery Class

Understand the most complicated aspects of credit repair including your state and federal laws, contracts, pricing, sales, marketing, nurturing clients, sales scripts, and more.

Online Dispute Summit Replay

Learn the most effective credit disputing techniques, how to interview your client to learn the right information, and how to understand credit reports.

Take your Credit Repair Company to the Next Level with the

Super Ultimate Growth Bundle



Super Ultimate Bundle

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